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Talia Grelewska
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Physical perfection is an impossibility. The pursuit for it is tedious and with no end in sight, we ask ourselves if it is ever worth it. Being constantly bombarded by imagery of attractive faces, which are not naturally achievable, in an attempt to increase sales is a worldwide phenomenon. The impact of photography in representation of these beauty ideals is irrefutable. The unconscious dependency on the products and the feeling of compulsion to use them seems unavoidable. The importance in showing opposition to the self-doubt and expression of disengagement is critical, especially in the age where technological advancements have connected our society, for the good and the bad.

My aim in this series was to express my personal journey and prevailing feelings about the beauty industry, using makeup as primary subject and medium. This complex love/hate relationship has become an obsession, resulting in photographs brimming with destruction, and yet expressing tender care in their composition. Influenced by research into the dark side of the beauty industry, as well as experimentation with the subjects, the work portrays an abstract aftermath of discontentment, and yet through purchasing more cosmetics it enables the perpetuation of consumerism, as the endless cycle continues.

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