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Diana Kuderina
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Hello. I am Diana Kuderina and this is my portfolio.ho

I had a unique opportunity to observe the Metropolitan Mounted Police at close range. It was an exhilarating experience. I have discovered how precise and highly skilled the Mounted Police have to be to deliver their services to protect and restore order on the streets and to keep civilians safe.

From its humble beginnings in 1760, the mounted branch of the police has adapted well to the changing needs of the society it serves, and it continues to play a key role in the modern day policing.

I have been inspired by this police work where horses are an integral part of the force’s ability to do the work that is needed. The horses have a unique ability to go where cars can’t, to navigate and control large crowds in the case of riots or football crowds.

Due to their unusually high vantage point and seeing across distances, the role has never been replaced by anything else. I was deeply impressed and compelled to document this honourable, hard work and to make a photographic story about the daily life of the policeman and horses that are involved in the work of the Mounted police.


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