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Danielle Sewell
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Number One the Thames

My project, ‘Number One the Thames’ is a tribute to my interest in sustainable and collaborative design. I specifically enjoy being resourceful, using simple materials in innovative ways, and developing creative ideas that transform and reinvent spaces into memorable, serene environments for different users.

‘Number One the Thames’ stands 500 yards off the Kent coast and is surrounded by the River Medway and Thames Estuary. The 150-year-old sea defence offers the most unique location and exclusivity for prolonged, key environmental research.

Looking into the significant relationships between water, materiality and building, the once functional ‘battery tower’ has been completely transformed into a functional, serene, and highly sustainable research base offering a range of collaborative, semi-private and private engaging spaces for the University of Cambridge.

The series of proposed textural spaces use simple and existing materials to make best use of the current fabric of the building, providing an environment which respects the building’s history and reflects its location.

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