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Emma Hoare
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I am a graduating illustrator based in the South Hams. All of the work featured on this page is from my final year of Cambridge School of Art’s BA Illustration course.

During my final year I have drawn inspiration largely from English nature, culture, and history. Growing up in a rural part of the South West, nature and tradition have always been a big part of my life. In the first semester of my final year I explored British superstition, stemming from the old proverb ‘curses, like chickens come home to roost.’ I designed a series of wreaths, made from plants and items that are used in traditional Pagan spell casting, to curse someone or to protect oneself from curses. The wreath shown below casts a curse.

In my second semester I worked on three projects. I continued with the theme of superstition, creating a set of twelve tea boxes that explore the stranger side of astrology. The boxes detail some of the more unusual objects and traits attributed to the twelve signs of the zodiac. I also designed a set of four beer mats that illustrate a few of the terms and traditions associated with fox hounds, a topic dear to my family. The mats explain some common terms used to describe hounds.

My final project was a 1920s inspired poster celebrating Sissinghurst Castle Gardens, a beautiful and historic National Trust site. The garden was created by one of England’s lesser known historic figures, poet and socialite Vita Sackville-West. Her garden was a legacy left partly to distract from her scandalous past, and her ‘all white’ garden set a fashion for gardens with only white blooms.


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