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Zoe Chui
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10 Drinks That Could Kill You

“How can I draw attention to obscure drinks and the social convention and tradition behind them?”

For my final major project I have explored various alcoholic beverages from all four corners of the globe, and the social need and convention to drink. The aim of my project is to produce a guide into the drinks and regions that have been studied, educating people about the beverages’ tradition and culture.

My project has allowed me to broaden my research and presentation skills, focusing on the professional outcome that is expected at this stage. I aim to broaden my graphic design portfolio and explore a range of creative processes that will help me achieve my final outcome.

The final outcome includes two bound books; one is designed as a travel guide with information and images of the drinks and their history. The other expands upon the project’s idea and displays the branding concept of these beverages.




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