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Tafadzwa Takuba
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Overheard Overread Overseen

Language is part of the daily human experience. It is how we communicate. It is in the news, in books, in magazines and on signage. It occurs everywhere; coffee shops, supermarket aisles, phone calls, the streets, and social media, etc.

My final major project is a response to an environment increasingly saturated with words. Do we really think about what we are saying to one another or have we become so desensitised and pre-occupied that language has become a medium of communication that we take for granted?

The idea was to place myself in these different scenarios and spaces at various times, and pay more attention to what people were saying and how they said it. I gathered the statements and words that I found interesting due to their ambiguous nature.

My purpose is to give consequence to the seemingly inconsequential; the things that are not meant to be important. The project aims to bring light to the ambiguity, the cheapness, and the ubiquitous nature of language.

We often say things without really thinking about the underlying meaning or impact of what we are saying. Other times, a tremendous amount of thought and reflection occurs before something is written or said.

Taking language out of its original context gives it an exposed platform where the viewer is forced to interact with it and ask fresh, even awkward, questions. When words escape their traditional confines it allows the hidden assumptions to become explicit. This can be a strange, unsettling, and provocative experience for the reader.

The final products include 6 letterpress prints, 6 3D environmental typography models and 15 A4 acetate typographical prints which all come together as a unified typographic installation. In addition to this, there is an A5 supporting booklet that explains the project and process in detail.




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