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Lynda Jeannot
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‘Art for All’ Visual Identity


I am Lynda Jeannot a graphic designer, print lover, who believes everything is possible. Research and experimentations are key to my design process. I love working for art, education, community projects and use my design skills to give them a voice. I am also extremely interested in  creating multi sensory experiences through print.

For my final major project, I  designed a complete visual identity for ‘Art for All’, including booklet guidelines, a postcard to promote performing and visual artists, a laser-cut stand for offline promotion flyers, and an interactive paper poster to promote ‘Arts Award Discover’.

The ‘sound of art’ poster is wirelessly connecting the digital world to the physical, through the touch of your fingertips. Conductive print and capacitive touch are developed by Novalia, an award winning technology company based in Cambridge, UK.

‘Art for All’ is about helping creative people bring their ideas to life and providing wider community access to the arts in the Cambridgeshire. Working with local artists, supporting and growing local creative enterprises, ‘Art for All’ wants to design community projects engaging children and young people in the arts. They want to inspire communities to appreciate their local arts and cultural heritage. They develop platforms for international culture dialogues, raise awareness of the great social and economic value of the arts, and contribute to the development of creative economy in the area.


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