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Jonathan Knox
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Nordic Bistro

My final major project is a developing concept for a healthier fast food outlet. As this sector is filled by mainly American, Italian and Mediterranean cultures, I wanted to explore a culture/region that is a generally healthier place to live and I would hopefully be able to draw inspiration from them. My attention was drawn to the Nordic area and I was able to research into the history of the region, their food, design, art and lifestyle. This all helped me to create a brand identity which represented the Nordic region and the cuisine as a healthier alternative to the likes of McDonalds and Subway, etc.

I also found great inspiration from Claus Meyers, a renowned Danish chef who is the co-founder of Noma; a highly regarded Scandinavian restaurant which uses the New Nordic Diet to great effect. For this project I created a brand identity, bound books that cover brand guidelines, brand research and the brand concept , as well as menu/location books, packaging for several products and posters.

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