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Innocent Sibanda
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Latent Familiar Touch

Latent Familiar Touch is a series of photographs based on the subliminal moments of connection people make whilst consciously avoiding contact with each other; the secondary touch made by humans.

By identifying specific interaction points, we can show how society is disconnected but always ‘plugged in’ through social media. We engage with each other through buttons, rails and other surfaces during our day-to-day activities, especially when commuting.

The photos show the extremes of human nature, the objects and surfaces we humans need to touch whilst avoiding contact with each other.

As a graphic designer, sometimes observation is more important than touch. There are countless surfaces that we communicate through daily, both of which can be pristine or damaged.

Everyone wants to communicate but still want to be disconnected. The negative spaces of communication like glass panels, windows and reflections seem to be the only thing we share. Whilst the only unique, personal symbol that we leave behind after touch is our hand, foot or fingerprint.

Subliminally, this is society’s Hidden Social (Latent Familiar) Touch.

This concept was sparked off by experiments that were a self-proposed initiative used to explore a form of hypothetical communication. These experiments were driven by a sequence of design realisations that lead to some unique ideas and some interesting design accidents. That was the inspiration for this book.






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