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Conor Hodgetts
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English Sparkling Wine: An Informative Campaign

Since the 1940s, English sparkling wine has won a wide variety of awards nationally and internationally. Other competitors in the ‘Sparkling Wine’ category have unique names, often derived from the production method or location, such as Champagne and Prosecco. It was clear to me that English sparkling wine requires a similar label and marketing format. There have been a number of suggestions but none have been unanimously accepted as an appropriate name.

For my major project, I sought to address this void and discover a fitting name for English sparkling wine to be used in an informative campaign.

The proposed campaign consists of printed ‘long-copy’ advertisements and posters, a website and a tactile set of coasters. Each aspect of the campaign is made of five elements; a series of short stories with a reward mechanism attached that is intended to encourage the recipient to read each story.

My inspiration came from my research, and a reference to a newspaper article in the Daily Mirror from 17th August 1950, which praised the work of Ray Barrington Brock and Edward Hyams as pioneers of the revival of the English wine industry. The article ending with the following statement:

“perhaps ten years hence you’ll be raising a glass of sparkling Canterbury in honour of the men who made an English wine industry possible”


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