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Ian Wolter
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Far Right

Inspired by Renato Bertelli’s 1933 ‘continuous profile’ portrait of Mussolini, Far Right considers the rise of the extreme right in many European countries. Grossly oversized busts of politicians are built into industrial scale spinning tops. As people play with these grotesque toys, their spinning profiles create contemporary, continuous profile, political portraits.

Memorial 2

Memorial 2 borrows the formal cues of public monuments, such as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, which exist to ensure we don’t forget the achievements or sacrifice of those to whom they are dedicated. This work is a continuous ‘waterfall’ of engine oil and records, for however long, the very negative contribution of some well-known climate change deniers. Climate change denial acts as a brake on the already slow pace of change towards a low carbon future. I hope that Memorial 2 will give viewers pause for thought. In time, will those who deliberately delayed this vital change, and did so for personal gain, be remembered as committing a crime?

Awarded the Global Sustainability Art Prize 2015, Memorial 2 has proved controversial. Recent comments in the media include: 

‘To put one’s name on a tombstone while one is still alive is to make a death threat, the nastiest and most repellent form of hate speech.’  Lord Monckton

‘…a masterpiece of denier commentary.’ ClimateDenierRoundup


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