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Eve Baldry
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Through different modes of representation, I explore the photograph as object by taking found family photographs and incorporating them into immersive installation environments. Memory is a key concept in my work; by drawing on images that are relevant to the viewer, particularly those from childhood, the work prompts our own memories even though we have no personal attachment to the subjects portrayed. Within these installations, I display objects that act as visual metaphors to reinforce the mortality and ephemeral qualities that are captured through the photographic manipulations of ‘reality’.

The images within “Stand By / By Stander” are suspended alongside each of the subjects at their would be eye-level. Decontextualised from the family album aesthetic, the social connotations of these images are brought to the fore and family relationships scrutinised. The viewer entering the space is not only a bystander, but becomes another standing by. The work operates on a juncture between absence and presence, detachment and involvement. The projection that plays on a continuous loop further deconstructs images into abstractions of light and shadow; the value and importance of the photograph is being brought into question.


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