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Li Qi Saw
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I’m a fashion student focusing on being a street-style designer and stylist.

What makes me tick? What are my passions?

To get myself into a good design school – check!
Making clothes
Boost my creativity
Make real whatever is in my head
Be brave
Be happy
Be proud

The things I’ve discovered about myself after 3 years of searching: I’m lucky and unique. When life is sweet, I say thank you and celebrate, when life is bitter I say thank you and grow.

Squadron: The United Army

Squadron is a street-wear style brand offering the wearer a chance to be part of this unique identity. The style of this Autumn/Winter collection was inspired by the Goddess of War, Morrígan, with its distinctive heavy vivid materials and a touch of darkness.

Photographer: Richard Tooley
Model: Brookelle Skoyles

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