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Alice Parmantier
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“Touch manifests a memento, an idea, a memory, a story. Using hands as a main source of research, Parmantier creates her own interpretation of touch. Knotted, intertwining, delicate, wrapping, oppressive and bound by latex; touch becomes an in temporal design, a witness of craftsmanship.”

– Touched, Spring/Summer 2016

I am a conceptual designer; a strong research compontent is key to all my projects. Over the years I have been exploring various paths through art and crafstmanship. I strongly believe in visual garments that exist solely to be displayed on a body as an artistic piece. I have spent the last year exploring liquid latex, its properties and how I can manipulate them in order to alter the fabric they are used on and the latex itself.  I am fascinated by the concept of taking something that is deemed ugly by society, in Touched’s case, hands, and rendering it beautiful around the human body.


Photographer: Stephen Allwright
Model: Silja Eystberg
Make-up artist: Smokeshow MUA.

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