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Danielle Goodman
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Mutts in Distress

‘Mutts in Distress,’ is a rescue centre based in Little Hallingbury, on the outskirts of Hertfordshire and Essex. From 1990, this charity has made it its aim to rescue badly treated and distressed dogs and actively search to find new families to give these animals the love, care and home they deserved from the start; many individuals treat dogs in ways that are disgustingly indescribable.

This rescue centre deals with strays, uncontrollable dogs that are going to be put down, and dogs with increasing medical issues that the former owners cannot afford. Dogs have feelings too and I wanted to show this in my project – the effect people and change has on an animal’s feelings.

Thus, this project showcases the effort, this small and unappreciated rescue centre, puts in to help these dogs from beginning to end. Specifically, highlighting the effort volunteers put in.


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